Guest Artist: pwahy !

( I’m gonna space out the quest artist answers after this, but I liked this one so much I’m posting it now! ;w; )

Guest Artist: seaponyluna !

Guest Artist: seaponyluna !

just sent out responses to the willing guest artists i chose! sorry if you didnt get one, but i actually dont have too many questions i want to use at the moment and theres some im saving for when i get back into the swing of things!

if you got a message or ask from me with a question to answer, take your time, but if you can get your answers to me as soon as possible that’d be really helpful! thanks again to everyone who responded! you guys rock!!

hey so um so far only two people have responded about being guest artists 

last call if you want to be a guest artist!! if youd like to please message me ASAP because i want to get regular updates rolling as soon as possible!

hello everyone! friendly’s not dead!

heeeey, sorry for being gone for so long!

school is just really getting hard as the year is getting closer to ending

so i was wondering if i could get some guest artists to keep this blog alive?

ill give you questions to choose from, pick one, and who can answer it how ever you think friendlyshy would answer!

ill probably pick a few so please respond ASAP if you think you can so i can get you started right away! 

No one in this gosh darn anime smiles very often, so sad fluttershy. :c

I’m only gonna do a couple more of these then get back to answer questions like normal, so send in regular questions please!

Asking bluntly, u Dead?

haha no im not dead ;w; school just sucks ill try to stay more active but no promises sorry!!


I thought friendly dressed as Nui would be cute, okay? u3u